On 1st April 2021, Insure Me Now stopped offering life insurance products to new applicants. Although we’ve stopped offering cover to new customers, existing policyholders will continue to be covered.

Insure Me Now wins Canstar Award for third year in a row!

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CANSTAR has researched and rated 32 Direct Life Insurance products from 28 insurers to determine who offers outstanding value for money and the winner is…

Insure Me Now!

For the third year in a row, Insure Me Now has won the CANSTAR Award for Outstanding Value Direct Life Insurance.

Why Insure Me Now is a winner  

Insure Me Now has been awarded 5 stars for 12 profiles out of the 20 that we consider with the other 8 being awarded 4 stars.

It’s no surprise Insure Me Now has won for a third year in a row- Their Superior Life Insurance is competitively priced within the Direct Life Insurance space and in addition does the underwriting upfront via their online system with no pre-existing condition exclusions.

They provide an array of great features including the indexation of the sum insured, which means your sum insured amount increases each year by about 5%.

Cover applies 24 hours a day worldwide, meaning you are still covered while travelling overseas.

funeral benefit of $10,000 is paid, so that your family does not have to pay for your funeral if you should pass away.

terminal illness benefit of equal to the life sum insured is offered if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This can assist with costs such as paying medical bills, pre-paying funeral costs, and paying off a mortgage or other debts.

TPD cover is available as a rider (an optional extra).

Trauma cover is available as a rider.

There is an online application process available for applying for insurance.

Insurance claims can be initiated over the phone with support available to assist with the completion of any forms.

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