On 1st April 2021, Insure Me Now stopped offering life insurance products to new applicants. Although we’ve stopped offering cover to new customers, existing policyholders will continue to be covered.

COVID-19 Update

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Are You Covered for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

With the spread of COVID-19 Insure Me Now has received many enquiries from our clients about whether they are covered. The answer is yes, there is cover as we do not have a pandemic exclusion in our policy wording. This means COVID-19 is covered and all claims will be assessed subject to the terms and conditions in our full Product Disclosure Statement. This position is also supported by our insurer Hannover Life Re Australasia

What changes has Insure Me Now implemented?

We have activated our business continuity plan and our staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future. During this time please bear with us in relation to answering your calls. The best way for us to action your enquiry is to send us an email at [email protected] and this will be actioned by the appropriate staff member.

In addition, we will no longer be posting out policy schedules and or renewal schedules unless you specifically request a paper copy to be posted. These will be emailed to you via your nominated email address.

If you have any concerns regarding the above please email us at [email protected]

The safety of our staff and clients is our priority at this uncertain time.

Insure Me Now is awarded Canstar – Outstanding Value Direct Life Insurance. 2014. 2015. 2016. 2018. AND AGAIN IN 2019.

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Insure Me Now is delighted to announce we have received our fifth award for the 2019 Direct Life Insurance Outstanding Value Award from respected ratings agency, Canstar.

This year Canstar researched 25 products from 25 providers in the market to reach their findings.

According to Canstar:

“Insure Me Now had premiums that were lower than the market average in all profiles considered.”

“On the feature side, Insure Me Now provides a user-friendly application and customer service experience to its customers. This is delivered by providing online application, online quoting and phone-based support throughout the application journey.”

Each year Canstar awards an Outstanding Value award to the insurer or insurers who offer outstanding value based on their cumulative score and star ratings performance across all 20 direct life insurance profiles.

The Canstar results for 2019 can be found here.

Direct Life Insurance Methodology for June 2019 Star Ratings & Awards can be found here.

Insure Me Now wins Canstar Direct Life Outstanding Value Award for the 4th time

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Insure Me Now is delighted to announce its fourth award in five years from the respected ratings agency, Canstar. The 2018 award was for our Superior Life product, which also won the same award in 2014, 2015 and 2016. This makes it one of the most awarded Direct Life products in Australia.

The latest recognition comes after Canstar rigorously researched and rated 27 products from 27 providers as part of its annual Direct Life Insurance Star Ratings – one of the insurance industry’s most sought-after and respected benchmarks.

“Once again Canstar found Insure Me Now performed highly in both price and features,” said Nicola Carr, Director of Insure Me Now. “We were particularly competitive in the twenties, early fifties and late fifties age groups and the price leader for males aged in their late fifties.”

“We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve this year,” she continued. “Of course, we have no intention of slowing down. We’ll continue to offer Australians easy and affordable access to life insurance, allowing them to apply online and, in most cases, get a decision straight away. This award shows we’re on the right path, providing the perfect balance of an affordable but quality product – something we’re determine to keep doing for many more years to come.”

Click here to find out more about our awarding winning Superior Life Insurance Cover.

The full Canstar results for 2018 can be found here.

Small business underinsurance…a ‘ticking time bomb’

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Most Australians have inadequate life insurance, with Rice Warner research suggesting that as a nation we have a life insurance shortfall of around $1,833 billion.

But whilst the issue has been widely discussed and documented, there has been little discussion around the issue specifically in relation to small business owners.

The potential consequences of small businesses being uninsured or underinsured can be much further reaching than those for underinsured individuals.  That’s because most small business owners don’t just have family members dependent on them, they have employees and suppliers, and so the economic flow-on of a small business owner being disabled or dying can be much more devastating.

A recent survey conducted by the Cameron Research Group suggests that the small business underinsurance issue could be a ticking time bomb.  Their survey, ‘The Australian Small Business Market for Financial Services: 2010’ contained some disturbing statistics about small business owners and life insurance:

Whilst 100s of Small Business Owners (SBOs) have heard of Life Insurance, only 65% of them have cover…

  •  3 in 5 SBOs have no TPD cover
  •  9 in 10 SBOs with loans have no loan protection cover in place
  •  3 in 4 SBOs have no Trauma cover
  •  3 in 5 of SBOs have no Income Protection Cover

Insure Me Now’s Life’s insurance products are available online in just a few simple steps, and there are absolutely no medical or blood tests to take. Just some basic health and lifestyle questions to answer and you could be covered in minutes.

96% of Australian families don’t have enough life insurance

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Insure me now, Life insurance

Whilst most people don’t think twice about ensuring that their home and car are fully insured, a staggering 96% of Australian families don’t have enough life insurance to look after them should the worst occur. And whilst many working Australians have some life insurance cover through their Superannuation, it is, for the most, quite an insignificant amount*.


Protect you family today and top up your cover today with Insure Me Now’s online life insurance system that allows you to apply for life cover in a matter of minutes.

Most important of all, there are no medical or blood tests to take, just some straightforward health and lifestyle questions to answer and you could be covered in minutes. It’s such a simple way to top up your current life insurance cover. 


*Lifewise/NATSEM Underinsurance report February 2010


Insure Me Now wins Canstar Award for third year in a row!

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CANSTAR has researched and rated 32 Direct Life Insurance products from 28 insurers to determine who offers outstanding value for money and the winner is…

Insure Me Now!

For the third year in a row, Insure Me Now has won the CANSTAR Award for Outstanding Value Direct Life Insurance.

Why Insure Me Now is a winner  

Insure Me Now has been awarded 5 stars for 12 profiles out of the 20 that we consider with the other 8 being awarded 4 stars.

It’s no surprise Insure Me Now has won for a third year in a row- Their Superior Life Insurance is competitively priced within the Direct Life Insurance space and in addition does the underwriting upfront via their online system with no pre-existing condition exclusions.

They provide an array of great features including the indexation of the sum insured, which means your sum insured amount increases each year by about 5%.

Cover applies 24 hours a day worldwide, meaning you are still covered while travelling overseas.

funeral benefit of $10,000 is paid, so that your family does not have to pay for your funeral if you should pass away.

terminal illness benefit of equal to the life sum insured is offered if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This can assist with costs such as paying medical bills, pre-paying funeral costs, and paying off a mortgage or other debts.

TPD cover is available as a rider (an optional extra).

Trauma cover is available as a rider.

There is an online application process available for applying for insurance.

Insurance claims can be initiated over the phone with support available to assist with the completion of any forms.

Q & A with Canstar’s winner- Insure Me Now

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2016 has seen Insure Me Now take out the Canstar award for the third year in a row. It’s no great surprise given it boasts some of the most competitive pricing in Australia and an impressive list of product features including an effortless online application process, no hidden pre-exiting condition exclusions and life insurance that doesn’t expire – as long as you pay your premiums you keep it for life. To find out more about their continued success, we spoke with Nicola Carr, General Manager of Insure Me Now.

Q: ‘Digital disruption’ is a real buzz phrase at the moment. Has digital disruption affected the life insurance buying process?

Absolutely. There’s certainly a lot more insurance information and products available online these days so consumers can do far more themselves from their laptop, desktop or smartphone. Like many areas, however, it can be quite confusing to determine what is quality information. Fortunately with independent groups like Canstar rating the ever-growing list of products and providers, I think this really helps consumers make informed decisions in an otherwise very cluttered market.

Q: Determining what life insurance they actually need can be confusing for consumers. What’s the best way to go about this?

Life Insurance calculators are a great tool, as they can help you quickly calculate how much cover you need. Of course this can vary according to your personal circumstances. But as a general rule you should take into account your current and future debt including things like home loans, business loans and credit cards. After all, the main motivation for life insurance is for your family to be able to clear your debts in the event of your death. Another consideration is to be able to provide an income stream for your family in the future. Again, this will vary on your own situation. Things such as the number of children you have, their ages and your household expenses are all important things to consider.

Q: None of us have a crystal ball. But what changes would you predict across the life insurance industry over the next decade?

In many ways the future is likely to be shaped by the recent past. There have been a lot of changes in the life insurance advice space over the last two years. Upfront commissions have reduced for advisers and the ongoing commissions they earn are soon to be capped. This is a lot less motivating for risk advisers who’ve been used to churning and swapping clients every few years to gain their upfront commissions. This, in combination with quite a bit of bad publicity for advisers in general, has seen the direct life insurance sector – including businesses like Insurance Me Now – gaining a lot of traction. I can only see this trend continuing. Over the next decade we will almost certainly see even more growth in the number of people buying their life insurance online.

Switch to Insure Me Now and Save!

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In the latest Canstar report released in August 2014 we compared how our premiums compared to the average in the market place.

The results are below and show you just how competitive our pricing is!!!

Based on a sum insured of $500,000 (non smokers)

Age Group

IMN Yearly premium

Canstar Average

Savings with us

Male 20-29




Male 30-44




Male 45-54




Male 55-59




#source Canstar Direct Life Insurance Report August 2104

Based on a sum insured of $500,000 (no smokers)

Age Group

IMN Yearly premium

Canstar Average

Savings with us

Female 20-29




Female 30-44




Female 45-54




Female 55-59




#source Canstar Direct Life Insurance Report August 2104

The full report is available on Canstar’s website. http://www.canstar.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Direct-Life-Insurance-2014.pdf

Insure Me Now earns CANSTAR Outstanding Value – Direct Life Insurance Award

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Insurance provider, Insure Me Now has been awarded the 2014 CANSTAR Outstanding Value Award for its Direct Life Insurance product.

Mitchell Watson, Research Manager for CANSTAR said, “Insure Me now has really impressed the CANSTAR team with a combination of competitive pricing and strong features offering. This has seen them achieve CANSTAR’s Outstanding Value – Direct Life Insurance award for 2014”

For Insure Me Now General Manager, Nicola Carr, the CANSTAR award has confirmed what her organisation has been promoting for years – direct life insurance that is both of a high quality and at a great price. “At this year’s CANSTAR Awards we beat out more than two dozen other insurers, to claim the Outstanding Value – Direct Life Insurance Award,” she said.

CANSTAR is Australia’s premier financial data provider, and this accolade was the result of their close analysis of Insure Me Now’s Direct Life Insurance product and its pricing across broad demographics that covered a wide range of age groups, genders and smoking status. According to their report, the results placed Insure Me Now as the “market leader in 6 out of 8 non-smoking categories.

Indeed, affordability is synonymous with Insure Me Now, with its Life Insurance premium cited as the lowest across 7 of the CANSTAR judges’ categories, including male and female non-smoking, empty nesters and young male and female non-smokers. Insure Me Now also offered the lowest Life Insurance premiums for smokers in both the male empty nester and middle male (aged 30 – 44 years of age) categories. In addition to these specifics, the CANSTAR Awards also generally recognised Insure Me Now for offering other quality and value insurance products.

Insure Me Now’s achievement is particularly impressive in light of the release of another industry report, the 2014 Rice Warner Direct Life Insurance Market Report, which reveals that in the year to December 2013, sales of direct life insurance accounted for a $558.1 million in Australia. To achieve this substantial growth sales increased by 8.2%, a slight slowdown on the previous year (which saw growth of 10.6%), but a significant climb nonetheless.

Insure Me Now’s Life Insurance policies’ long list of features includes a “funeral benefit of up to $15,000, a terminal illness benefit and additional TPD and Trauma rider benefits, allowing for the option to pay an additional amount to be covered for TPD, trauma or both. Extra discounts and incentives are available on top of multi-policies” and “sums insured are indexed annually.

Ms Carr said that the coveted CANSTAR Award delivers on her commitment “to bring Australians accessible, affordable and reliable life insurance”.

*To find out more: http://www.canstar.com.au/compare-life-insurance/direct-life-insurance/direct-life-insurance-star-ratings/

For further details contact:
Nicola Carr, General Manager, Insure Me Now AFSL 416019 P: (02) 9964 7353